Stateside from Michigan RadioI wrote the below web buildouts (production, editing and everything else by Michigan Radio). I also produced segments of the daily radio show many days between December 2021 and March 2022, which can be found at

Morning ritual: Marquette photographer captures 1,000 sunrises and counting 

Stateside Podcast: Has Dave Chappelle crossed a line?

Eastside Detroit homeowner on keeping the Halloween spirit year round

Stateside Podcast: What Biden’s infrastructure bill means for Michigan

Stateside Podcast: Michigan leads U.S. in COVID-19 cases

Stateside Podcast: Two parents talk about COVID in schools

Detroit’s nearly century old Thanksgiving Parade returns to pre-pandemic glory

Students, elected officials and community leaders respond to Oxford High shooting

Stateside Podcast: Fifteen and charged as an adult

Nonalcoholic beer is having a moment. Michigan is behind the curve.

Stateside Podcast: New life for an iconic Michigan barn

Conspiracies grip county election boards

Grand Rapids college student’s memoir on courage and persecution encourages more equitable future

Things I wrote in collegea note on that: My senior year was supposed to be the year I chose between a future where I’d run a company—or run for Congress. Instead, I chose journalism. College me was never a regular contributor to the school newspaper: in this past life, I wrote things like campaign platforms, commencement speeches, business book reviews and company blog posts. It isn’t journalism, and a lot of it isn’t even good writing. But, journalists are always trying to tell the full story, and I wouldn’t be telling mine if I left this part out. So here’s what I wrote in college.

Success Story: Symone’s Job and Share our Spare, New Moms

Claire’s 2019 book list,

An Overview of Online Activities of Members of Congress during COVID-19, Congressional Management Foundation 

Campaign Platform: Claire for president,

Claire’s 2020 book list,

CNN Journalist, Chimes alum Ryan Struyk to join faculty as journalism professor, Chimes

The Knightly podcast from Chimes

Is oven-baked apple crisp that much better than microwaved apple crisp? I tested it so you don’t have to,

The mason jar pour over,

A note from the student body president on the upcoming year, Chimes

I am Calvin University’s first openly gay student body president, Chimes

An open letter to LGBTQ friends and allies of Calvin University, Medium

The Case For Not Running: Why I Chose To Stay in a Position of Power,

Breaking the Script: How I harnessed my fearless disregard for social norms, The Student Aspect